Contemporary glass marbles by Chuck Pound. Marble auctions, hand made art glass marbles for sale.

Sirius Marbles by Chuck Pound

All of my contemporary glass marbles are hand made, one at a time, in a propane/oxygen torch. Size runs from peewee to almost 2 inches. All marbles are oven annealed. Marbles are signed and dated, with the exception of peewees that are only sometimes signed, not dated.

Making a Marble
How to make a marble

How to make a marble - photo of making a marble.

Pictures of Chuck making his last marble of 1999

I have not been making many marbles in the past few years, not enough for online sales. We have a few marbles for sale in our shop from time to time. Perhaps that will change, who knows.. If you are looking for my "Marble Mail List," that has gone away, at least for now. MarbleScopes? They are gone also. We sometimes have one or two on hand but they are pretty rare these days.

img: marble animationTake a look at the Gallery of Sirius Marbles for a sample of my contemporary marbles.

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