Ribbon marbles by Chuck Pound.

Ribbon Marbles

Black, White, and Goldstone ribbon marble by Chuck PoundI make several styles of ribbon marbles in addition to the Pinkie's and Willard's. Some are colored glass in a clear base, others are made with a white ribbon in colored glass. Some have goldstone (Lutz) trim on the ribbon for extra sparkle.

Sizes range from peewees to 1-3/4 inch. Prices range from $15 to $180. A 5/8 ribbon would normally cost $15-$20.

The three large ribbons, with aventurine trim, are 1-7/16" to 1-5/8"

Ribbon Marble - Black, Yellow, GoldstoneRibbon Marble, black and orange trimmed with goldstone

Ribbon MarbleRibbon MarbleRibbon MarbleRibbon MarbleRibbon Marble

Images last updated: 17 Aug 2008