Woody marbles by Chuck Pound.

Woody Marbles

Woody Marble by Chuck PoundA Woody is made only of aventurine and clear glass, twisted so that it looks like a wood grain pattern with the aventurine adding lots of sparkle.

Woodies range in size from peewee to 1-5/8 inch or maybe a little larger. Price runs $10 for a peewee, $15-$20 for a 5/8" Woody, and $30 up to about $120 for larger Woodies.

They will vary a little in color depending on the aventurine used. Woodies also sometimes show a little green in between the grain as you can see in the photo below.

Some of my later Woodies have a little colored glass mixed in so that it just shows between the aventurine layers. These are known as "Petrified Woodies."

Woody MarbleWoody MarbleWoody Marble

Woodies by Chuck Pound

Images last updated: 17 Aug 2008